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Employee Health

Ann Wooley, LPN

(912) 375-7781 ext. 6224

Rest assured that new hires and existing employees are capable of performing the essential functions of the job without risk of injury to themselves or others.

Jeff Davis Hospital Employee Health Services provides:

Drug Screening
Injury Treatment/Management
Drug Testing (pre-employment, post accident/injury, random)
Respiratory Fit Testing
Hepatitis B
TB screening

Drug Screening

Keeping drugs out of the work place can be a challenge. Jeff Davis' Employee Health participates in the drug-free workplace program. Drug screen collections and testing for alcohol can be performed at the Laboratory, and after hours at the Emergency Room.

Injury Treatment/Management

All injuries are treated with a "return to work" philosophy. In addition to quality treatment, you will receive quality communication.

Employee Assistance Program

On-site critical incident stress debriefings

Wellness Programs

Flu Immunization
Tetanus Vaccination
Hepatitis B Vaccination
Pertussis Vaccination

Contact Info

For any questions please contact Ann Wooley in Infection Control and Prevention at (912) 375-7781 ext. 6224.