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The Joint Commission

Here at Jeff Davis Hospital our laboratory is accredited by Joint Commission. Joint Commission is a prestigious accrediting body that has been accrediting hospital laboratories all over the nation for over thirty years. The process of accreditation involves a group of highly qualified surveyors who are experts within the clinical laboratory coming on-sight to the laboratory and conducting an in-depth inspection of laboratory processes from beginning, starting with specimen collection, to end when a result is achieved and reported. Joint Commission has a specific set of standards, which uphold the highest quality of patient care and safe practices, which the laboratory's processes are compared to. If the laboratory is found to operate within the standards laid forth by Joint Commission, then the laboratory passes the inspection and receives accreditation. This process takes place once every two years. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA), being accredited by Joint Commission every two years is one way we show our patients that our lab will provide the highest quality of care and uphold the highest of standards to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for all whom we provide services to. You can find out more about the joint commission here: